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I have been passionate about woodworking for nearly 50 years. When I was a child in the teak forests of Thailand, I always watched the elephants working the logs into floats for use in Bangkok and beyond. That scene was replayed in my mind time and time again. Being a daydreamer and the son of an artist-turned-missionary, from the beginning I was taught to pursue these growing passions and see both what is and what could be. I became fascinated watching the intricate designs of the woodcarvers there. Carvings of teak were everywhere from architectural to temple scenes and artwork. I began carving in a small village and I still have my first carvings. Later we moved to Bangkok and I was very fortunate to work as an apprentice for master carvers, carving deep reliefs for temples.

Many years later, my high school wood shop teacher recognized my passion for woodworking and encouraged me to go beyond the core curriculum and build furniture and woodturnings as well as creative design. After several years in the military, I became a marine carpenter, wood carver and rigger and built two wooden boats of my own.

I believe that the tree is a living thing and any part of it will speak to you if you are patient. If you listen not with your ears but with your heart and passion; then see what's hidden in the wood and labor to liberate it from its confines, a creation that reflects your passion will emerge. What we hold in our hands can be older in its formation than any man alive and is due respect. Using methods that use the materials with the least waste is my constant consideration to preserve the limited treasure of wood!

I firmly believe that a person who works with their hands, albeit skilled, is a laborer - but when they add their mind, they become a solid craftsperson. When they use their hands and mind adding their heart, they become an artist.

Now retired, I'm free to work with the beauty of wood full-time as God created it, to produce what is in me to do and allow my passion for woodcraft to continue to grow and liberate what I see in the material.

As I mentioned earlier, my father was an artist before he was a missionary. I am a craftsman/artist and our son has been a professional muralist and wood carver for the last 20 years in California and Washington. You can view his work at

Thank you for viewing my site and sharing with me the products that bring us great happiness.


About 4 Rivers Woodworx

The products on this website are mostly constructed of indigenous materials from the area in beautiful Western Kentucky at the confluence of the Ohio, Mississippi, Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers. I do not use endangered wood species but do incorporate wood from other parts of the world, which consists of a smaller part of the materials used.

If you desire an item that has already been sold, please let me know by emailing to My product line is always growing and changing so please check back occasionally for updates!

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